ECHO Tip Videos

Here you will find a catalog of tips and tricks to maximize the potential of your Echo fly rod!  Keep checking back as we’re adding more every week!

Tim breaks down techniques to help you when the wind is blowing at your casting shoulder.

The Echo Boost Beach is designed as an overhead casting two hand rod. Tim breaks down the basics of learning this cast.

To help in your transition from casting graphite rods, here are a few basic techniques to help your fiberglass game.

Simply put: what you do with your elbow can make or break your cast. Tim spells out a few dos and don’ts.

There are infinite ways to grip a fly rod. Your body type, arm position, casting type, and casting style can all effect your grip type. Here are a few fundamental grip concepts.

Slack on the water can spook the fish when you are going for the next cast. Here’s how to up your stealth game by eliminating slack on the water when you re-cast.

Seems like the wind is always blowing from the wrong direction. A backhand or off-shoulder cast can get you casting and fishing effectively in those situations.


Tim compares a 7wt spey rod and 7wt switch rod to show how they differ in overall power, action, and line selection.

Heavy Fly Casting