Zach Southgate

Inland Canada Guru

Favorite Fish:  Trout

Home Water:  Elk River, Canada


Zach Southgate has been fishing the waters of western Canada since he was a child. He has guided everything from small mountain trout streams to giant pike in the far Canadian north. Every bit of his free time is spent outside hunting, fishing, hiking or taking photos. Currently Zach is studying Ecosystem Management at Lethbridge College in the off-season, as well as turning out flies for friends and guiding.

Fishing large streamers is Zach’s forte, but he also is proficient in everything from European nymphing techniques to sight fishing size 20 dries to sipping fish. In a typical year from mid-May until the end of June, you’ll find Zach in Northern Manitoba, then on the Elk River with Elk River Guiding Co until mid-Spetember. The rest of the year you might track Zach down at school, but most likely he will be where cell service isn’t.