Rick Matney

Favorite Fish:  Montana Browns, SE AK Steelhead, Hawai’i Bones

Home Water:  Central Montana

Rick grew up fly fishing the banks of the Columbia River near the border of British Columbia.  His fishing addiction led him to Bozeman, Montana for college where he continues to reside.  After working his way through college as a trout guide, he ignored his mother’s request to get a real job and started Chrome Chasers, a steelhead lodge in SE Alaska.  He divides his time between Montana, Alaska, and the salt; most commonly Hawaii and Baja.

Rick has helped with the design of several Echo products and continues to help push the development of new ideas.  As a member of several industry Pro Staff, Rick is always looking ways to improve products and test the durability of existing ones.  His unique energy and drive for adventure seems to take him to places few anglers have ever been.