Nick Laferriere

Favorite Species:  Bull trout

Home Water:  Anything in Manitoba’s prairie region

Hailing from the prairie region of Manitoba, where the closest thing to a mountain is the garbage dump, Nick is proving time and time again that fly fishing is not isolated to mountain streams. Known to be hardcore and not afraid of the elements, Nick can be found fishing on a Manitoba lake or river every week. From ice-out until freeze up, he’s out there, rain or shine. When Nick is not on the water he can be found with graphite covered hands, sketching away at his drawing board. For as long as he can remember, drawing has been a major part of his life and when he took up fly fishing, his drawing took on a whole new look. His artwork combines extreme realism with an action pose that looks like a snapshot in time. He tries to capture a memory in his artwork which other anglers can relate to.