Akasha Bopp

Favorite Fish:  Bull Trout

Home Water:  Inland BC and Alberta, Canada

I was born in the interior of British Columbia and after spending most of my life away have recently moved back. While living in far-flung places like Africa and the South Pacific and less far-flung places like almost every province and territory in Canada, I was exposed to the incredible fish diversity that is available to anglers. One of the many stops along my journey was in Southern Alberta at the age of ten. It was here that I started exploring the many rivers and streams in the area. I have been addicted ever since. Between fishing trips I somehow managed to get a B.A. in education and MA in leadership, teach high school history and coach basketball and volleyball for twelve years and find a lady who puts up with perpetually fish smelling hands and feather clippings on the floor of our home office.

I now live in Kelowna, British Columbia with my wife and daughter. I am a stay at home dad and an educational consultant. I spend my summers in Alberta trying not to get out-fished by my daughter and guiding with Out Fly Fishing Outfitters out of Calgary, Alberta on the Bow, Oldman, Livingston and Crowsnest Rivers and the other many small streams and creeks in the area. I spend my winters skiing, tying flies and helping cold Canadians to experience salt-water flats fishing.