ECHO Fly Rod Lifetime Warranty and Repair



  1. When completing checkout to submit your warranty, please use the “NOTES” section on the checkout page to let us know which ECHO Fly Rod model you have and what your warranty/repair issue is.
  2. To complete submission, choose customer type, then add to cart.
  3. You will be redirected to a checkout page.  Please complete the information and submit.
  4. You will not be charged online.  Payment, if needed, will be included in your shipment, or we will contact you for credit card info to charge you after the repair is complete.
  5. You are not being charged when submitting this form, only submitting your claim in to our system.  After you submit this form, you will be given information for shipping your rod to us.
  6. We require the entire rod to be sent in for all repairs/warranties (including broken tips).


ECHO Fly Rod Lifetime Warranty and Repair

Rajeff Sports will repair or replace damaged and defective rods for the lifetime of the original owner. International customers (including Canada), contact us for warranty information.

  • All repairs/replacements require a $35* repair fee.  This fee is only waived in specific circumstances to be determined by our warranty staff.  Include a $35 check made out to Rajeff Sports, or write “credit card” on your Warranty Form so we can call and get your credit card info upon receipt of your rod to our warehouse.  If it is determined your repair fee should be waived, we will not collect payment.
  • We will contact you only if we need to collect payment, or there are questions we have about your particular rod.
  • Warranties are typically processed within just a few business days and shipped back to you.


* ($150 for 1pc Echo Prime model rods)

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