I’m often asked what’s my favorite knot for tying a fly to a leader.  With few exceptions I use the No-Slip Loop Knot, also known as the Rapala Knot.  About the only time I don’t use this versatile knot is fishing small dry flies and nymphs for trout.

The No-Slip Knot is strong, and easy to tie, both solid attributes I want in a fishing knot.  Along with these it has another quality that will help your fishing, like the name implies it forms a loop that remains open.  This open loop makes your flies more effective as it allows them to swim and move freely, providing much more action.

If your a flats fisherman the No-slip loop knot will help get your fly down and in front of Bonefish and Permit quicker as it allows the fly to fold up and drop/sink faster.  This can be very important when taking shots at a fast feeding school of fish.  I use this knot on heavy 50 to 80 lb. Fluorocarbon tippet leaders for tarpon as well.  Just don’t use more than 3 wraps and make sure to wet the knot for lubrication before snugging it up.  A pair of pliers can make pulling this stout tippet tight easier.

If you fish poppers for Bass and Panfish this knot always finds the center of the hook eye during the retrieve, thus making sure the popper tracks straight, giving you maximum pop.  If you are fishing Pike and Muskie with wire tippets then you can also use this knot in TYGer Wire, just don’t use no more than 3 wraps when tying the knot.

This versatile knot works for everything from Trout streamers to Tarpon with 80 lb. tippets.  It’s the “go to” for me.  For tying instructions and more information click below for a short video clip.  If you have any questions feel free to email me at pat@theflyfishers.com.