One of the reason’s for the growing popularity in chasing warm water species with a fly is the top water action encountered when pursuing large aggressive game fish like Bass, Pike and Muskies.  Top water flies are available in a variety of types and styles but here’s a little trick that is simple to do and will make any of your favorite streamers a top water killer.

Include in you arsenal a selection of Sailfish style popper heads in a variety of sizes and simply thread them on your leader, tie that super streamer on and push the popper head over the eye of the hook.  They stay in place nicely and convert your streamer to a surface fly in seconds.  These heads are available in sizes to use with the largest streamers for Muskies and Pike down to smaller sizes for both Large and small mouth Bass.


By reversing the popper head (see picture) you can get a completely different sound out of your flies.  This can be important when trying to pattern fish and gauging the fish’s level of aggressiveness or lack of.  I’m always experimenting with the different sounds these top water flies make to see what’s most effective that day.


A dozen of these heads take up little room in your boat bag or fanny pack but will give you 12 times the flies then you brought along.

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