Here are some of the entries so far, pretty imaginative.

“Apolo Ohno would be proud” (Morgan K.)

“Only a few more minutes there Tim, the painting is almost done” (Morgan K.)

“This painting is going to look so good above my mantle – Tim” (Morgan K.)

“If you don’t see him, you know it’s the ECHO man” (Rene H.)

“Dark and low with the ECHO” (Rene H.)

“Only the ECHO knows” (Rene H.)

“El ECHO sighting” (Rene H.)

“Hey, there’s Tim in his ballet tights again” (Rene H.)

“Phantom Caster” (Jeannie W.)

“So smooth you can cast in your underwear!” (Rick C.)

“Even fly fishing has Super Heros” (Rick C.)

“Tim Rajeff takes a break from Navy Seal qualification training (SQT) to cast to Yellowfin Croaker on Seal Beach, CA” (Corey S.)

“If I had worn my Real Rock camo instead of this black wetsuit I could sneak another 25 feet closer.  Good thing I have my echo rod today!” (Ken M.)

“Did you see that fish jump way out there?  I will make a mile long cast with my Echo rod and catch it on my first try.” (David J.)

“I am ready to jump in the water if a big fish decides to bite my hook and run” (David J.)

“Tell me if this looks cool” (David J.)

“Does this almost look like the Echo logo” (David J.)

“I call this cast the helicopter.  To do it properly, extend both arms in the opposite direction, parallel to the earth, crouch, then jump up and spin simultaneously.  It works wonders to dry the fly and confuse the other fisherman around you.  However, please be advised to not try this at home or under the influence of drugs and alcohol.  Also, do at your own risk.. Warranties are not accepted in case of damage to self and gear” (Joel S.)

“En garde you silvery slime backs and be prepared for battle” (Joel S.)

“Hey, isn’t that the Silver Surfer’s brother?” (Joel S.)

“Yeah, that is the Super Surfcaster himself on the way to some serious action” (Joel S.)

“Ninja fly fishing only with an Echo!!!!!” (ntown)

“High-way to the Dan-ger Zone…D-A-N-G-E-R Z-O-N-E!” (Jari B.)

“______ demonstrates extreme pantomime casting” (Jari B.)

“Fish to the North shall hear my Echo” (John B.)

Now it’s your turn to give it a shot