Katherine, Jamie, and I visited the Airflo factory inWales,United Kingdom and had a chance to do a little fishing after all the work was completed.

Airflo’s sales manager Gareth Jones had booked a day of grayling fishing for us on the AvonRiver, one of the most famous chalk stream waters in the UK and recognized world wide.

Jamie on the Avon "Beat"

Jamie on the Avon "Beat"

It was fall season and trout fishing was officially closed, you could fish for grayling, just not target the trout. Fall fishing rules allow anglers to use nymphs and sub-surface flies, but you had to adhere to the other standard fishing rules; no wading, and your presentations must be made upstream.  Our “beat” was approximately a ½ mile of private water flowing through a beautiful grand old estate.  We caught tons of strikingly beautiful Grayling and the occasional unintended brown trout.  It would be fun to fish the river during the summer months when the mayflies are said to be “blanket” and all fishing is upstream dry, strictly.

Gareth Jones with an Avon Grayling

Our time there coincided with Pheasant season and we saw twenty or more birds fly over during our time on the river.  The game keeper told us that they released 7000 pheasants on the property, but that was a much smaller number than years past.  Last year they released three times this amount for driven pheasant hunts offered to their shooting clients.  Can you imagine raising 21,000 birds, unbelievable?

For our mid-day break we drove a couple hundred yards to the local pub for some fish and chips.  And of course, hoist a pint, all while facing upstream.  Tradition!!

On the drive back to London we made a side trip to one of the reservoir fisheries popular with UK anglers.  Created by pumping water from the Thames River and part of the London water supply system, these huge reservoirs are used for many aspects of recreation.  For fishing, large Rainbow trout are planted in them and the angling rules are cooperatively adhered to; you must kill every fish caught and stop at eight fish.

Fishing at Farmoor Reservoir

Fishing in a concrete lake for planters that you have to kill was not quite my cup of tea.