Your not looking at the latest torture device, car crusher, or beer brewing equipment (hmm! Idea here).  No, its Tim’s overbuilt rod breaking apparatus.  Yea, believe it or not Tim is into breaking rods, and he does it with such passion.  Our older methods of break testing were not efficient enough… he is all about efficiency. 

From the beginning, Tim has been putting all Echo rods through vigorous tests to verify they meet or exceeded his standards.  “Blowing” them up under high load/stress situations is one of these criteria.  “Breaking” started from humble beginnings; various bags of nuts and bolts carefully weighted and bagged were hung from the tip until… pow, a break.

We progressed to wearing protection, lead apron, athletic cup, safety googles, then lifting the rod to straight vertical by hand.  This method proved to be nearly impossible for human power when dealing with 9 to 12 weight rods, and was also best for those wanting graphite embedded in their body.  Next stage was a forklift replacing the human, whew, what a relief, no more aching arms.  This gave a more consistent approach to the whole affair, but still not to Tim’s satisfaction.  Thus “Captain Crunch” was born.  Designed to satisfy his passion for efficiency and more importantly, splintered graphite. 

Check out Rajeff Sports Channel on YouTube for two videos of breaking rods, one early in the process, and the other using “Capitan Crunch”.  All this boils down to Echo making rods you can be proud to own, and know that day after day, trip after trip it will be there for you.